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A Transparent Process that Guarantees Measurable Leadership Growth

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We work with successful executives and leaders to achieve positive, measurable and long term change in behaviour; for themselves, their team and accomplish solid results for the organization. The following steps describe the basics of our leadership coaching for behavioural change (leadership development): 1. INVOLVE THE LEADERS BEING COACHED (CLIENT) IN DETERMINING THE DESIRED BEHAVIOUR IN THEIR RELATION ROLES: The client (in agreement with their managers) work with us to determine desired behaviour. 2. INVOLVE THE CLIENT IN DETERMINING KEY STAKEHOLDERS: By having our clients and their managers agree on the desired behaviours and key stakeholders in advance, we help ensure their "buy-in" process. 3. COLLECT FEEDBACK: We interview all key stakeholders to get confidential feedback for our clients. It is impossible to get evaluated on changed behaviour if there is no agreement on what behaviour needs to be changed! 4. REACH AGREEMENT ON KEY BEHAVIOURS FOR CHANGE: We pick 1-2 key areas for behavioural change with each client. This helps ensure maximum attention to the most important behaviour. 5. REVIEW WHAT HAS BEEN LEARNED WITH CLIENTS AND HELP THEM DEVELOP AN ACTION PLAN: With our help, the clients will create a plan of what they want to do. 6. DEVELOP AN ONGOING FOLLOW-UP PROCESS: Ongoing follow-up should be very efficient and focused. To measure progress against the behaviour goals to bring greater accountability and results to the coaching process. 7. END THE FORMAL COACHING PROCESS WHEN RESULTS HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED: Our goal is not to create a dependency relationship between coach and client. BENEFITS FOR LEADERS: - Improvement in the area chosen. - Ability to coach oneself. - Improved perception by others, together with own reputation and brand. BENEFITS FOR HUMAN RESOURCES: - A proven and repeatable process. We can coach your people to embed the process in your culture. - An effective measurement and feedback process to justify the investment. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION: The degree of improvement is determined by the stakeholders on the three mini-surveys throughout the engagement. OUR COACHING/DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: -Leadership Coaching Program - Wellbeing -Leadership Coaching Program for Behavioural Change (stakeholder focused). Programs run for between 6 to 12 months. If you're ready to learn more about our approach or would like to book a free, no-obligation discovery session, get in touch with us!

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