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sepideh ford executive & life coaching

Helping executives make the changes needed to seize existing opportunities, leverage on capabilities, overcome challenges faced and win, has always been Sepideh’ s objective.

Sepideh has helped leaders and their organisations build lasting advantage, an independent spirit and courage to look beyond the obvious to find solutions.


When Sepideh adopted “coaching” as a career, it proceeded 12 years of senior leadership within the aerospace industry.


From the beginning, Sepideh’s passion for helping others through the use of industry-leading techniques taught by the world’s leading institution was her mark of distinction.


Her approach reveals a strong sense of purpose, helping her clients challenge the status quo, become more aware of themselves and their environment, and be an individual of action.


These techniques and approaches that Sepideh developed – and continues to develop today – have become a force for executives and organisations and helped establish Sepideh’s reputation among her clients and client organisations.

Sepideh is a certified life and executive leadership coach. She is trained in Neuro-Linguistics-Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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I hold a Master's degree in engineering and have worked in corporate environments for over 12 years. I have experience in running teams, re-organizations, change management, and implementing continuous improvements.

I have been working as an executive and life coach for the last three years and have coached leaders and executives to success throughout my career in the aerospace and education sector.

When you work with me, you're in it to win it. Coaching has to lead somewhere, and I take great pleasure in supporting you to reach your goals.

Talking can be productive, but actions matter because actions get results. I have a practical approach and give you the tools to make things happen.

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