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A simple and effective method to help you priorities your ever-growing to-do list.

Updated: May 20, 2021

Eisenhower Matrix

1. Important and Urgent

There are two definite types of urgent and important activities: those you couldn't have anticipated and those you have left until the last minute. You can eliminate last-minute activities by planning and avoiding unnecessary procrastination. If you have lots of urgent and important tasks, highlight which ones you could have foreseen, and consider how you could schedule similar activities ahead of time so that they don't become urgent.

2. Important, but Not Urgent

These activities help you achieve your primary, long-term personal and professional goals and complete the tasks you perceive most important in life. Make sure you allow time to complete these activities thoroughly so that they don't become urgent. Allow enough time in your schedule to deal with unforeseen problems and last-minute crises: this will maximize your likelihood of staying on track and help avoid the stress of your to-do list becoming more urgent than necessary.

3. Not Important, but Urgent

Urgent but not important activities are the thorn in your side, preventing you from fulfilling your primary life goals and vision. Consider whether you can reschedule the urgent activities or pass them onto Someone else?

Urgent activities usually come about when dealing with other people - sometimes it's a good thing to have the word 'no' in your vocabulary! Alternatively, try to have specified time slots available for others so that they understand they can have your time when it's appropriate for you.

4. Not Important and Not Urgent

These activities are just a distraction and must be avoided whenever possible! You can ignore or cancel a lot of them. However, some of these may be activities that other people

want you to do, even though they don't contribute to your own goals and desired life out- comes. Again, say "no" politely where possible, and explain why you can't do it. If people see that you are clear about your objectives and boundaries, they will avoid asking you to do 'unimportant' activities in the future.

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